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Tim Burke Discovered Liquid Glucosamine Formula Synflex

The Olympic Athlete Tim Burke (biathlon) found out the answer to his joint pain problems and so can you. Tim thought his career was over until he came to Synflex ® (Liquid Glucosamine Formula Synflex for Athletes) and it changed his life. His career turned so completely around that he became the U.S. team top qualifier at the last Winter Olympics! That speaks volumes about the power of this incredible liquid glucosamine product and he is not the only one. Liquid Glucosamine formula Synflex has nearly 1 million bottles sold in over 90 countries since 2001! Learn more about Liquid Glucosamine Formula Synflex here.

Tim Burke: "Never again will I be caught training without Liquid Glucosamine Formula Synflex ®"

Pick your sport and we, the makers of Liquid Glucosamine Formula Synflex, can pretty much guarantee your joint pain will be a thing of the past. And, at the same time you can maintain healthy, more flexible joint structures.

Golf Tennis Runners Handball
Football Basketball Soccer Rugby
Triathletes Biathletes Skiers  Hikers;

…or, whatever your favorite sport is!

It does not matter if you are an amateur or professional athlete; you have issues with joint pain. It comes with the territory and something you cannot avoid. However, there are simple solutions to these tough joint pain problems.

Joint pain (secondary osteoarthritis) is common among athletes. And, the consequence can be devastating:

  1. You are no longer able to engage in athletic activities.
  2. Or, you are severely hampered in your ability to do so.

Whatever your joint pain problem is…that does not have to be the case!

Where are your joint pain problems?

Whatever your sport may be joint pain can strike your back, neck, shoulders, wrists, elbows, hips or ankles. And, it is tough pain to deal with. And, there is no reason that it cannot be dealt with very simply and inexpensively.

Why risk the consequences of using NSAID’s or prescription medications

And……..there is no reason why you have to risk using over-the-counter NSAID’s or prescription medications to handle your pain. (And, some have been convinced that cortisone injections are the only solution to handling your joint pain.

NSAID’S, prescription drugs and cortisone injections

These classes of drugs and OTC medications do pose risks; and, they can be expensive as well. Why take risks simply to get “back into the game?” Syn-flex® liquid Glucosamine complex is a powerful, safe and inexpensive solution for you.

Why is Syn-flex® liquid formula considered the best Glucosamine product on the market today?

Synflex ® uses pharmaceutical-quality Glucosamine Sulfate and Glucosamine HCL and a range of complimentary synergistic ingredients all designed to enhance the power of this great product. We use all-natural anti-inflammatory and joint health ingredients to ensure that you get the best and fastest-possible relief for your joint pain.

The best flavor on the market

Also, our “special” manufacturing process gives you a unique and powerful blend that is built to deliver for you. Unlike some “copycat” liquid Glucosamine products, we deliver a product that has excellent flavor. (An issue with some competing products)

Our research into Glucosamine tells us that our approach provides maximum absorption and bioavailability………the best on the market today! And, the synergistic mix to deliver a ‘knock out punch’ to joint pain!

To find out why athletes prefer Syn-flex® to all other joint care products….order now with our 100% money-back guarantee:

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