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Glucosamine, What is so important?

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Glucosamine Overview

Your body makes a certain amount of Glucosamine on its own. But, as you get older your body is not going to keep up with the demands. What Glucosamine does is maintain healthy cartilage which your joints need to cushion them. And, Glucosamine that is provided in supplement form does exactly what it does when manufactured in your own body. It replenishes synovial fluid; and, rehabilitates damage that has occurred in cartilage. In brief, it slows the deterioration that occurs naturally. There is a complex structure involved in the joints. And, you likely do not want to hear about proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans. After all, it is very technical. What you want to know and understand is that Glucosamine will benefit your joint structures and ease the pain of osteoarthritis.

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon

Now, nearly every company that is involved in the health industry is “adding” Glucosamine to their products. From those used by humans to those used by pets, it has become the ingredient that they all acknowledge does the job for you.

Glucosamine - Clinical studies

The clinical studies that confirm the benefits of using Glucosamine date back for decades. And, there can be no mistake about it. Glucosamine is essential to maintaining healthy joints.

Arthritis joint pain targets

Osteoarthritis (0A) has many targets. Joint pain strikes your neck; shoulders; elbows; wrists; hands; hips; knees; ankles; and, more. And, what you want is pain relief fast. Not only can liquid Glucosamine do that it offers even more benefits. Before we discuss that, let’s talk about some issues with (other) arthritis pain management products.

Arthritis drugs for pain management – The prescription drug dilemma

In 2005, the Food and Drug Administration forced the recall of Vioxx® from the market. Later, Bextra® suffered the same fate. There were reports of ulcers, liver damage, and even heart attacks and strokes. COX-2 inhibitors are not only expensive, they are risky. And, they do not provide anything more than pain relief. If you are going to tackle arthritis, it is important to understand the options that ease arthritis pain (and) offer some rehabilitation of joints affected.

Over the counter pain products

What is even more telling is that the government now requires over-the-counter pain products to carry extensive warning labels. And they are doing so for good reasons. These pain relief products have also been found to carry risks as well.

They have some history of causing bleeding (stomach); ulcers; and even liver damage.

To learn more about Glucosamine, visits the Arthritis Resource Center

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