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Overview - Glucosamine Side Effects

Overall, Glucosamine is a very safe compound. However, there are some simple rules that should be followed when taking it.

  1. If you have any allergy to shellfish, you should consult with a physician before using

    †††Glucosamine since it comes from shellfish.
  2. Pregnant or lactating mothers generally should not take Glucosamine.

  3. The use of Glucosamine raises the possibility of lowering the metabolic actions of
    insulin. This is a resistance to insulin. And, Glucosamine as well as Chondroitin
    Sulfate are “carbohydrates’ and your body is unable to break them into glucose. For
    that reason, it does not elevate blood sugar levels. Nonetheless, if you suffer from
    diabetes it would be a good idea to check your blood sugar levels often. And, as a
    precaution it would wise to check with your physician before using a Glucosamine product.

The bottom line is this

The bottom line is that Glucosamine is the safest approach to managing arthritis (OA) when compared to using NSAIDís or prescription drugs as recent studies have clearly demonstrated that there are issues with these classes of drugs. When using COX-II inhibitors and NSAIDís there have been findings of: ulcers in the stomach; liver damage; heart attacks and even strokes. If you suffer from arthritis, our recommendation would be to try Syn-flexģ. It is a liquid formulation with other synergistic ingredients that goes to work quickly and safely. It is used by humans suffering from osteoarthritis; athletes; and, family pets.

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