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Best Liquid Glucosamine - Synflex

There is an old saying, “You cannot argue with success.” And, with nearly 1 million bottles of Sin-flex® liquid Glusosamine sold there is no argument about the power of this great product line. It spells fast-acting pain relief for anyone suffering from arthritis joint pain.

Who has Joint Pain and why it happens?Best Liquid Glucosamine Formula Synflex

  1. Arthritis sufferers have joint pain
  2. Athletes have joint pain
  3. Dogs and Cats have joint pain

Joint pain can strike at any age. As you get older your body fails to manufacture enough Glucosamine and cartilage begins to deteriorate. (Osteoarthritis) And, for athletes who often injure their joints, joint pain is also an issue. (Secondary Osteoarthritis)

Glucosamine is the answer…but if pills or capsules disappointed you we know why

The safest, most-effective joint pain remedy is Glucosamine. It has almost no side effects and it does what no prescription arthritis medication can do. (Or, over-the-counter pain medications-NSAID’s) It not only eases joint pain, it also rebuilds damaged cartilage. That is very important to healthy joint structures. And, maintaining healthy joints and managing pain is also an issue for athletes.

And why not Glucosamine pills or capsules? Testing has shown that far too many contain “fillers” and “binders” that do you no good. And, they do not offer the wide range of joint health and anti-inflammatory ingredients that Syn-flex® liquid Glucosamine formulas offer you.
Glucosamine pills and capsules are sold on store shelves everywhere. But, in addition to the problem with “fillers” and “binders” many consumers are deceived because they do not read the labels. You buy what you think is a month’s supply only to learn that you bought a 15-day supply.

The liquid Glucosamine difference and why Syn-flex® is the industry leader

Sure. We have seen some companies come into this market after we brought you Syn-flex®. And, some claim they have the best Glucosamine formula. But, the numbers do not lie. With nearly 1 million bottles sold, we know that consumers like you have learned the real truth. Syn-flex® liquid formulas work!
And, unlike Glucosamine pills and capsules, Syn-flex® liquid Glucosamine is easy to take. There is no struggle with swallowing pills or capsules. This is also a big advantage for dogs and cats suffering from arthritis joint pain or hip dysplasia as well. For family pets, all you have to do is add it to their food.

Quick relief for arthritis joint pain

For those who have tried Glucosamine pills or capsules, the reports are generally that if they got relief it took a very long time. That is not the case with Syn-flex® liquid Glucosamine formulas. Most of you will see a noticeable decrease in your joint pain within 8-10 days. And, you are getting the added benefit of rehabilitating damaged cartilage and the nutrients that your joints need to be health.

Two powerful, fast-acting liquid Glucosamine formulas and more

Faster absorption and bioavailability is the liquid Glucosamine difference. And, we added an arsenal of anti-inflammatory and joint health ingredients to make certain that we deliver what we promise. We offer two different liquid Glucosamine formulas to ensure that you got the joint pain relief you need. And a topical Glucosamine product for that extra pain relief if you feel you need it.

Arthritis and Glucosamine is our business

All Syn-flex ® products are manufactured by an eGMP certified production facility. And, we have the finest liquid experts in the world….without a doubt. If you suffer from joint pain, we invite you to find out why Syn-flex® is America’s first choice in liquid Glucosamine for arthritis joint pain relief.
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